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Monday, 31 March 2014 10:42

Requena (Valencia)

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  • Type of airfield: AOPA
  • Province: Valencia
  • Nearest town: Requena 5,5km to the west, El Rebollar 2km to the east.
  • Operator: Air Pull Aviation S.L. Tel: +34 664480036 / +34 961599085
  • Airfield information:
    • Co-ordinates: 39º28’29’’N 001º02’04’’W
  • Elevation: 2340’ (710 m)
  • Fuel available:AVGAS 100LL, JETA1, GAS 95
  • Radio frequency:  123.50
  • Transit allowed: VFR – HJ. 
  • Airfield use: Aviación general y deportiva
  • Recommended circuit: Due to the surrounding landscape, the recommended circuit is to the north. South circuit recommended only for helicopters and gyrocopters flying at maximum 500'AGL.
  • Presence of Microlight Arcraft and Skydiving activity: Beware of possible Microlight and Skydiving activity near the airfield
  • AROVia Air Pull S.L., operator of the airfield, a range of services can be accessed. You can also contact the designated ARO office in Valencia directly via tel +34 961 598 539.
  • ATS airspace in the Valencia TMA 
    • Consult the relevant maps in the Spanish AIP-ENR 6.13.9 – Circulación VFR, -ENR 6.13.11 – Procedimientos VFR en el TMA de Valencia
  • Procedures
      Arriving aircraft should avoid overflying nearby towns in their approaches. If there is no conflicting traffic and a pilot decides on a straight-in approach, it is preferable to adjust the approach so as to not overfly populated areas, and not fly an excessively shallow approach for both noise abatement and safety reasons. The same applies ot the circuit pattern. The right base leg for runway 30 should be planned in a manner that avoids overflying El Rebollar. The highway cloverleaf north of El Rebollar is a useful reference point. Turn onto base before reaching this cloverleaf.
      Both for safety and noise abatement it is recommended to fly at best angle-of-climb speed. When taking off on runway 12, avoid overflying El Rebollar. If traffic allows, this can be achieved by bearing slightly left after takeoff and following the A3 highway, thereby leaving the town on the right, or – if sufficient height is available – bearing slightly right and leaving the town on the left. Takeoffs on 30 are less problematic in this respect – simply fly at best angle-of-climb speed and take care not to overfly Requena.
      The towns of El Rebollar (especially sensitive) and Requena are sensitive to aircraft activity at the airfield of Requena.
      Co-ordinates of points:W:  SW:  SE:  E:

The pilot in command is responsible for preparing, presenting, opening and closing the flight plan if required, or for ensuring that the designated person at the airfield will do so on their behalf. ARO LEVC: tel +34 96 1598539


  • Customs and Immigration: notify the Guardia Civil at least 6 hours before arrival. TEL.+34 962 300 006
  • Medical services: No
  • Meteorological information: available vía internet
  • ATS: No
  • Handling: No (not required)
  • Security: H24
  • Anti-Icing: No
  • Accomodation: Check with the operator for current information.
  • Restaurant & Bar: Open daily.
  • Transport: Taxis from Requena: tel: 962 30 13 07 – Taxis from Utiel: 607 31 32 53 – Taxis from Requena - Enrique Carrión: 639 68 15 53
  • Bank / Post Office / Cash Machine: No (available 2km away).
  • Category and type of fire-fighting equipment: Only for light aircraft. Fire response vehicle equipped with siren and fire extinguishers.
  • Movement of immobile aircraft: In case of necessity aircraft can be towed with the fire vehicle.


There are numerous services available to ensure visitors enjoy their stay at our airfield, as well as commercial services (aireal photography, banner towning, crop spraying, etc) and leasure services (pleasure flights, organised tours, beginner courses etc).


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