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Friday, 16 May 2014 15:50

Robledillo de Mohernando (Guadalajara)

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Airfield Info

  • Type of Airfield: AOPA
  • Province: Guadalajara
  • Town: Robledillo de Mohernando
  • Magnetic declination: 3ºW (2005); annual variation 8,2´E
  • Proprietor: Aeródromo Robledillo de Mohernando
    Robledillo de Mohernando
    Tel.: 949-85-01-52
    e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Airfield information:
    • Coordinates: 40º 50' 45" N 3º 14' 47" W
  • Elevation: 3.096 ft (944 m)
  • Runways: 1.000 x 18m tarred and 900 x 30m compacted earth (01/19)
  • Fuel: Super 95 and Avgas (please contact beforehand to ensure availability)
  • Frequency: 123.325 MHz
  • Observations: Airspace ceiling South and East of the airfield: 1200m / 4000ft. VFR prohibited airspace to the South - please consult the relevant maps. Airfield approved for aircraft with wingspans up to 15m.
    24 new hangars have been built recently, and the capacity for additional aircraft hangarage has grown notably. There are 3 active Flying Schools (2 for Microlights and one for GA), as well as maintenance services. A range of different categories and makes of aircraft are based here.
  • Local flight rules: It is prohibited to overfly the two lagoons 1km NW of the runway (sensitive zone with bird nesting activity), as well as the town of Robledillo de Mohernando. Avoid low overflight of the Partrige farm 2km WSW of the airfield. All circuits are to the WEST of the airfield. Entry point into the circuit via Whisky (town of Matarrubia due West of the airfield), notifying via the airfield frequency 123.325. Circuits to be flown according to the VFR Approach Chart for the airfield.
  • Web page:
  • Download the approach chart for Robledillo de Mohernando LERM


  • Control: Uncontrolled airfield
  • Communication: Radio communication Air-Air for Airfield Robledillo de Mohernando - LERM FRQ: 123.325 MHz
  • Bar/Restaurant: Bar and Restaurant open every day except Monday.



  • Bird sanctuary 1km NW of the airfield
  • Camping facilities available on the airfield
  • Cycling & walking
  • Mushroom picking (October)


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