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Wednesday, 19 March 2014 16:25

La Cerdanya

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Airfield Information


  • Type of Airfield: AOPA
  • Province: Girona
  • Nearest Town: A 2.3 km NW of Alp.
  • Operator: Gestió Aeroportuaria Ceretana S.L. +34-937 101 952
  • Airfield information:
    • Co-ordinates: 422318N 0015200E
  • Elevation: 3609 ft.
  • Fuel available: 100 LL
  • Runway characteristics:
    • Directions: 07/25
    • Length: 1150 x 23m
    • Surface: Tar
    • Declared distances (m):
  • Radio Frequency: 123.500
  • ARO: Girona AD
  • Procedures
      Aircraft must notify points W, SW, SE and E, indicating altitude and intentions. (Co-ordinates:
      W: 422211N 0014638E SW: 421710N 0014729E SE: 422042N 0015722E E: 422532N 0015525E) Overfly the airfield at 5.100' QNH (1.491'QFE) before joining the corresponding downwind leg to the south of the airfield.
      If skydiving activity has been announced via NOTAM or in case of aerobatic activity above the airfield, aircraft should join downwind without first overflying the airfield. Circuits should be flown at 4.600' QNH (991' QFE) without overflying populated areas. If the wind conditions allow it, the preferred runway for landings is 07.
      If the wind conditions allow it, the preferred runway for takeoffs is 25. After departure, aircraft should exit the area via one of the notification points (W, SW, SE or E) and broadcast their altitude when upon reaching the chosen point. The chosen departure point should also be announced over the radio before taking off.
      The north circuit is reserved for gliders, with the south circuit used by motorised aircraft and helicopters. Only aircraft with funcional radio equipment may use the airfield. Take note gliding activity in the vicinity and aerobatic activity directly over the airfield.

      Do not overfly the airfield with less than 5.100' QNH (1.491' QFE) unless taking off or landing.
    • Balloons operating from the airfield or nearby must carry radio equipment tuned to the La Cerdanya frequency.
    • Flight Plans: Aircraft arriving or departing La Cerdanya under a flight plan should use the Gerona office (+34-972 186 659) to open or close their flight plans.
  • Approach chartDownload here
  • Web Page




  • Symbol of the Aviation Spirit of La Cerdanya
    Built in 1971 to house the now defunct Aero Club de La Cerdanya, the airfield grew thanks to the activities of the La Cerdanya Gliding Club, which later became integrated into the Aero Club Barcelona-Sabadell. As part of the new airports strategy of the Catalunya authorities, operation of the airfield, which is ownd by the Catalunya Government and the Regional La Cerdanya Council, was opened up for tender in 2008 and ceded to the Gestió Aeronàutica Ceretana consortium formed by the Aero Club Barcelona-Sabadell Tel: +34-661 232 703 / +34-937 101 952, CAT Helicòpters, Masella, and La Molina (email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
  • Flight Office
    Situated next to the main building, this is the information office for the airfield. Telephone numbers for flight plans, information about activities, the payment of landing fees etc can be arranged here.
  • Restaurant
    The bar/restaurant is open every day of the week. Urvati Sidreria is divided into two parts and features a cosy fireplace in one section, an upstairs terrace and access to the recreational area.
    The telephone number for information and bookings is +34-666 481 029 / +34-672 021 925.
  • Recreational Area
    The area around the main building is ideal for spending some time after lunch or before embarking on one of the aireal activities at the airfield. The swimming pool, which will soon be open all year, is surrounded by grass and a children’s play park.
  • Hangars and Apron
    Apron and hangar spaces are available for overnighting of gliders, microlights, helicopters and GA aircraft. To check the availability of parking or hangar spaces please call +34 661 232 703 / +34 93 710 19 52 / +34 972 890 361.
  • Fuel Bay
    At present the airfield can provide AVGAS only to aircraft pertaining to the Barcelona-Sabadell Aero Club, but full fueling service with AVGAS, MOGAS and JET-A1 is being planned for the future.
  • Hotels
    In the surrounding areas




  • An airfield that blends into its surroundings
    La Cerdanya aerodrome blends perfectly into its matchless natural surroundings. Aircraft are the perfect way of enjoying the beauty of the landscape of the Sierra del Cadi and the Pyrenees. Gliding is the main activity at airfield, allowing you to experience La Cerdanya like a bird, riding up over the mountains on rising currents of air.
    The airfield is also used by hot air balloons, exceptional vantage points for enjoying a silent sunrise over the valley.
    Also on offer is flight training in light and microlight aircraft – a different way of travelling while seeing La Cerdanya and the Pyrenees from a totally new angle.
    We look forward to seeing you at La Cerdanya Aerodrome.
    La Cerdanya is home to a neverending variety of activities that make this the perfect area to enjoy nature, whether on land or from the air. Use La Cerdanya airfield as your springboard for your next vacation.
  • Skiing
    With the La Molina and Masella ski slopes just a few kilometres away, skiing is the main winter activity in La Cerdanya. If you come by air, make sure to enquire about specials that are often available for users of the airfield. The Aransa, Lles, and Guils Fontanera slopes also form part of the local attractions.
  • Cycling, Riding and Walking
    The best way to get to know La Cerdanya at ground level is via one of the activities available all year round: mountain biking, riding and walking.
    There are routes throughout the valley and up to the Cadi and nearby Pyrenees peaks, allowing visitors to experience nature close-up and discover the hidden corners of La Cerdanya.
    There are also activities suitable for small children, like pony rides and easy excursions for the whole family. You can find all kinds of information about these activities on the La Cerdanya region tourism
  • Golf
    La Cerdanya airfield is possibly one of the best in the world for golf lovers. The Golf Fontanals course is situated right next door, in the town for Soriguerola. Its 18 holes are a perfect excuse to land at La Cerdanya – weather for the course itself or the beautiful surroundings. Other golf courses in the area are Golf San Marc in Puigcerdà, and the Royal Golf Club of La Cerdanya in Bolvir.
  • Other tourist activities
    La Cerdanya offers many other activities like fishing, adventure sports, and cultural tourism. You will find a wide range of options on the La Cerdanya region tourism website.
  • 30 minutes’ flying time away...
    If you come to La Cerdanya by air, or if you decide to embark on one of the introductory flights on offer here, you can see the whole area from above.
    Less than half an hour’s flying time in a light aircraft with a cruising speed of 180 km/h will allow you to take in the whole La Cerdanya valley, the Sierra del Cadí, the Pedraforca peak, La Baells lake, the nearby Pyrenees and Andorra.
    You can land at the La Seu d'Urgell aerodrome, another Catalonian airfield, or choose one of a number of destinations in southern France.


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